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At JJO Accountancy in London, we handle statutory accounts and prepare them using your end of year financial records. Our experienced team will help ensure you meet the deadlines for sending your accounts to Companies House and your tax return to HMRC. The accounts will include a profit and loss account, account notes, a balance sheet and a director’s report, and we will ensure your accounts meet the required standard.

  • ICPA registered  

  • HM Revenue and Customs


Tax and VAT returns are necessities. You are usually required to send a VAT return every three months and tax is an annual requirement. JJO Accountancy in London can take care of it all for you.

Whether or not your company makes a loss or if you have no Corporation Tax to pay, you are still legally required to deliver a Company Tax Return, which includes Corporation Tax profit or loss and a Corporation Tax bill.

If you miss the deadline, you’ll be obliged to pay a penalty, so let us help you get your records ready and get your Company Tax Return delivered on time. We’ll also help you with your Corporation Tax bill.

If you’re a sole trader, you won’t need to send in a Company Tax Return. However, we can still assist you with your Self Assessment Return.

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account preparation


At JJO Accountancy in London, we will do your bookkeeping on a monthly basis. Our bookkeeping service will assist you in the efficient preparation of VAT or financial statements, and it will also enable you to gain insight and understanding of the income and expenditure of your company.

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At JJO Accountancy in London, we understand that businesses face new and complex challenges that require changes within the business. In order to be a successful business embracing these changes will help growth and more success.
We also understand that challenges within the business differ from one to another, which is why we offer a fully customised approach.

At JJO Accountancy, our services include: 

  • Performance management – We would overview the high priority business areas, advise on a more scientific approach helping to unlock hidden shareholder value

  • Finance effectiveness and transformation – We will support CFOs to help better educate factors that result to an effective finance function, whilst putting together operating models and advise of process improvements to deliver increased value to the business.

  • Working capital and cash advisory – Our team are here to support the business in the the understanding and cause of working capital and cash flows, whilst creating organisation wide changes to help deliver cash releases.


We understand that it is natural to hope that audit process causes as little distraction for your team. Our team will ensure that the objectives and timescales are set at the outset, and we will highlight key stages.

We will communicate throughout that audit, keeping you up to date with any significant issues that arise. We will report any weakness in the accounting systems that we have found, and make a professional recommendation to prevent any potential future error or even potential fraud.

R&D Claim​

RDI Solutions is one of the UK’s leading tax incentive and innovation management advisers – with experts and industry specialists, we manage over 120 million pounds of tax incentives annually for a broad range of UK based clients, including some of the world’s best-known brands. Our team of 100+ in-house experts gives you access to considerable technical firepower – they are qualified chartered tax advisers, accountants, sector specialists, technical analysts, risk analysts, lawyers and former HMRC inspectors. It adds up to a level of specialist expertise you will struggle to find elsewhere.

What is R&D and how it works?​​

Please watch the following videos:
RDI Solutions: Research and Development Tax Credit Explained – YouTube | RDI Solutions : SME Animation – YouTube

Forecast & Outline of your client’s application

Our R&D specialists will undertake a comprehensive assessment of the whole business, enabling us to identify areas where at first glance, there doesn’t appear to be eligibility. However, using this approach ensures that absolutely everything that qualifies as R&D is included thus enhancing any claim considerably. HMRC are actively encouraging businesses to claim and we have worked very closely with them in developing this technique.

I think it’s vital to mention the quality of our reporting work; our back office consists of ex-HMRC Tax inspectors that have over 25 years of R&D and Tax Compliance experience which enables us to be industry leaders. We ensure that our compliance team are 100% satisfied with the application before it is presented to the client and/or HMRC; this has resulted in us having a 100% success rate to date. The Research & Development Tax Credit Incentive has been extended until 2027, ensuring our clients are getting the best possible service allows us to work with them for many years to come.

Key benefits are:

  • Funds delivered 2-4 weeks from acceptance by HMRC HMRC targeted to increase uptake
  • Initial application can be backdated for 2 years
  • Benefits apply to both profitable taxpaying and loss-making firms

Forming A Professional Partnership Agreement:
With our average in-house claim being around £91,500.00, a consideration of forming a professional partnership agreement could both benefit your business as well as your client in this specialist field of tax.

Our partnership agreement entitles you to 2.5% of any successful claim on behalf of your clients.

We cover all industries, but we have had a huge amount of success with:

  • Construction
  • Waste
  • Management
  • Plumbing
  • Software & IT
  • Roofing
  • Architecture and building
  • Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Food, Drink & Agriculture
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing

If you represent any businesses in these sectors it is highly likely they are overlooking their potential for an R&D claim.